Gather your friends together to have a one in a kind experience by hosting an Oyster Party with Bling Boutique!

You can choose from an in Home Party or a Facebook Party.

In Home Parties guests will not have to wait for orders to arrive as they will be able to take their treasures home at that time.  Facebook Parties you can have your party in the comfort of your favorite place.  Regardless of the one you choose, you will still receive great rewards for hosting your event.

Here's what you can receive:

  • Party sales of $125-$199 you'll receive 10% of party sales and 1 free oyster.
  • Party sales of $200-$499 you'll receive 20% of party sales and 2 free oysters.
  • Party sales of $500 or more you'll receive 25% of party sales, 1 monster oyster, and 1/2 off item of your choice.
  • For each booking that is booked off your event you will receive 1 free oyster at the booked event.

Who doesn't love free stuff?  Book yours today!